28 September 2012

Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy

I was gifted Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy not too long ago by a friend. I decided to use it along with some dried flowers I ordered from eBay ages ago to create a super summery mani. This is my good-bye to summer mani as fall is definitely here in Wisconsin.

26 September 2012

Dollish Polish Dino-mite Yoshi

For my final Dollish Polish to show you, I have Dino-mite Yoshi.  I layered 2-ish coats over OPI The "It" Color. As usual, the formula for this Dollish Polish was great.

19 September 2012

Dollish Polish The Hero of Time

Today I have the other half of the Legends of Zelda Duo from Dollish Polish.  You can see Hylian Princess here.

I put The Hero of Time over Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches.

17 September 2012

Dollish Polish 1-Up

A while back, I managed to get quite a few Dollish Polish polishes. I love them all. I've already shown you all quite a few during the 31 day challenge, but I want to show you the rest.

For today, I have Dollish Polish 1-Up.

I layered it over Ulta Encore Pink and Zoya Bevin. While I do like it over Bevin, I really LOVE it over Encore Pink.

I know I've said it before, but get yourself some Dollish Polish if you don't already have some. The formula is great and the glitters are easy to put on: no digging or dabbing with these babies.

Onto the photos!

14 September 2012

China Glaze Cling On

I can't believe it's been 5 days since I posted! I meant to do it on Wednesday, but things are just so crazy around here lately. We have tons of stuff going on in these last 2 weeks of September (dentist appointments, OB appointments, pediatrician interviews, birthing class, weddings, etc.). I'm also trying to optimize the time my husband is home so he can help me with the big stuff for getting ready for the baby.

For today's mani, I have China Glaze Cling On. It's a magnentic polish. I didn't buy the China Glaze magnet because I already have one attached to a a bottle of Nails Inc. so I used that magnet for this polish. It worked well.

Sorry for the dark pictures. We've had a few stormy/blistery days (not that I'm complaining, I love them!) I did try to lighten them up a bit in Photoshop.

09 September 2012

Ozotic 532

Just a quick post today. I'm being trying to get everything I want done before the baby comes (just over 10 weeks doesn't seem like a lot of time!) so I haven't been doing too complicated of manis.

For today, I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Amethyst. Then I added on one coat of Ozotic 532. On my ring finger, I used some tape to mark off triangles and then painted on Ozotic 532. I added some black detailing on there next.

07 September 2012

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix

It's been a bit since I posted, but I took a much needed mini-break from blogging. I'm going to start blogging again, but still stick to my schedule before the 31 Day Challenge so expect to see posts from me every 2-3 days.

For today's mani, I was finally able to play with the Pure Ice Vinyl Remix crackle colors. I have Rock Star and Vintage Remix (or the purple and teal ones). For these, first you need to paint your nails using the white base coat. I used 2 for mine and stopped there even though it was still patchy.  You don't need to worry about mixing up your white base coats because the magic is in the crackle coats.

Next, use whatever crackle polishes to make a design. 2 things to remember: the pattern follows your brush strokes, and the color appears underneath the black crackle.

Here's what I came up with.