31 March 2018

Green March Mani: Day 10

Today is my last day of green manis for March. I had one mani that nevTer was posted and an idea for another that was never made, but overall I think it was a good return to blogging! I plan to continue blogging as I enjoy it. A new computer that cooperates certainly makes it easier :) I do need to make an effort to interact with other blogs though.

Anyway, onto the mani!

The base for this mani is Painted Polish Moss Meditation. She makes gorgeous polishes, especially one coat cremes that also stamp! Moss Meditation is an army green ultra holographic with flakes. Because of this, you will get some golden effect in the polish that is simply stunning. It applies really nicely in 2 coats.

29 March 2018

Green March Mani: Day 9

This is a simple mani, but I really love how it turned out!

I started with a base with ManGlaze Nawsome Sauce. Then I stamped on a floral design from Born Pretty Store plate BPL-024. I didn't add top coat to keep the design matte.
Despite no top coat, it lasted surprisingly long!

25 March 2018

Green March Mani: Day 8

I meant to have this post up earlier this week, but I've been suuuupper sick. According to the urgent care doctor today, I had the flu last week which then improved Friday/Saturday and then turned into a sinus infection. Yuck! The sinus pressure is insane right now and making me a bit dizzy so I'll keep this short :)

For this mani, I used Zoya Chita and KBShimmer How You Dune?

Since Chita is a textured polish and does not require top coat, for the accent fingers I did a complete mani with How You Dune? (base coat, polish, and top coat). Once that was I dry, I freehanded the v-shape on top with Chita.

19 March 2018

Green March Mani: Day 7

Hello! I had planned to post over this weekend, but this weekend was pretty rough for me emotionally so I was basically in survial mode. But I'm feeling tons better today, and I'm here with a new green mani for March.

Today's mani is my St. Patrick's Day mani. I went all out with the green polishes here.

I started with a base of Zoya Jace.
On my index and pinkie nails, I did a gradient using NYX Girls Emerald Forest.
On my ring finger, I used a black and a gold polish to freehand a belt design for a leprechaun costume. 
On my middle finger, I stamped some shamrocks using Zoya Wyatt and Bundle Monster plate BM-XL27.

15 March 2018

Green March Mani: Day 6

For today's green March Mani, I just went with a simple swatch. The color is gorgeous though so it's totally great on its own!

This polish is Zoya Yara. It's from the Fall 2011 collection, but it is still available on Zoya's website so no worries!

The formula is wonderful. It goes on in 2 smooth, easy coats. It's an army/olive green with fine gold glitter throughout. The glitter is very fine so no need for a super thick top coat.

12 March 2018

Green March Mani: Day 5

For today's mani, I was inspired by @kimiko7878 on Instagram. She's pretty amazing, and you should definitely follow her if you don't already!

I am nowhere as talented as she is, but I did try my best with this mani. For some reason, my long 5 petaled flowers always turn out a bit goofy.

For this mani, I used two different green polishes: Zoya Cece and Nfu-Oh 66.
I used Zoya Cece on my index and pinkie nails as well as for the floral accents on my ring nail. I used Nfu-Oh 66 on my thumb and ring nails. It's super holographic, but it's one of those old school holos so it can pull the color when you're applying it. Still gorgeous!

11 March 2018

Green Mani March: Day 4

For today's green March mani, I am just featuring one polish, and I didn't even add nail art to it!

Zoya Merida is a gorgeous scattered holographic polish. It went on beautifully in two coats. The formula is really nice too so it goes on super smoothly. I had minimal cleanup to do.

09 March 2018

Green Mani March: Day 3

Happy Friday!!!! How did your week go?
Mine was not the greatest. I am not going to get into it here, but this weekend promises to be better!

Anyway, this post is a bit later than I wanted it to be because of the previously mentioned bad week.

Today's green mani for March features just one green polish, Glam Polish Evanora.

Since Evanora isn't super opaque, I couldn't just sponge it on. Instead, I painted about 2/3rd of my nail black. Then I painted the upper third using Evanora and dragged some of the polish down to create a gradient effect.

I really like how this mani turned out, and it was easy too!

05 March 2018

Green Mani March: Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of my green mani theme for March.

I love doing skittles style manis. I tend to stick to simpler skittles designs which means they are usually pretty fast to do. They also use quite a few polishes which is great because I don't like having untrieds (it spikes my anxiety!) plus I can feature a couple at a time which is especially great for larger collections!

Today's mani features 3 green polishes (and 1 non-green polish).

For this mani, I used Barry M Black Pistachio, China Glaze Re-fresh Mint, and Dollish Polish 1-Up.

Barry M Black Pistachio is a very dark green polish. It looks almost black, especially in my photos since I took them on a cloudy day.

China Glaze Re-fresh Mint is a super light, dusty mint green. I was expecting 3 coats, but it went on in just 2!

Dollish Polish 1-Up is, I believe, discontinued. It's most green hex glitters with some white matte hex glitters and white matte bar glitter. Any other glitter polish would work with this look as well. This mani is a great way to feature any glitter polish you have.

04 March 2018

Green Mani March: Day 1

So it's been over 3 years since I have posted to this blog. But I've decided to return! I enjoy sharing my nail art and have enjoyed posting to my blog in the past. I'm really hoping to make this a regular thing again.

For my first post back, I'm starting a new series! I'm not sure if I've talked about it here in the past, but I absolutely love green nail polish. It's one of my favorite colors to wear, and I own quite a few shades in various finishes. Not as many as some though :) I tend toward minimalism a bit so I try to keep my collection down.

Since I love green polish and March makes me think of green with St. Patrick's day and spring, I'll be focusing on my love of green polishes this month.

This first mani uses OPI Don't Mess with OPI and Cupcake Polish Delishiously Jaded.

OPI Don't Mess with OPI is a pretty old polish and is from the 2011 Texas Collection. You could use another green creme polish if you wanted.

Cupcake Polish Delishiously Jaded is a gorgeous holographic green polish. It almost covered in one coat too! It also apparently has a blue shift, but I was blinded by the holo.

I used both of these to create this simple mani. The half moon element was freehanded.

If you're reading this, I welcome you back to my blog! I've still been lurking around Facebook and Instagram. I'd also love links to new blogs you think I should follow!