16 May 2018

Zoya Sage

I'm here today with another swatch. I try to do these once a week to just enjoy my polish colors in all their own glory. Lately, I've been drifting toward my matte finish polishes, and today I have another polish along those lines.

Zoya Sage is part of the Satin line from Zoya. They are semi-matte polishes that have sort of a low shine to them. They aren't my favorite finish, but the colors are super pretty. Sage is a dusty mossy green. It applied really nicely in 2 coats.

14 May 2018

Mother's Day Nail Art: Holographic Gradient

I hope you had a good Mother's Day yesterday, whether you're a mom or a mom like figure or have a mom or mom like figure in your life.

For today's manicure, I did a super simple holographic gradient.

A few years ago, I had a custom polish made with Daily Hues Nail Lacquer (now closed). I had a bottle made for my mom and I. My mom adores holographic polish so of course that was the finish of the custom polish. The maker and I decided on the super cute name Mom! You're Grape! to go with the color of the polish.

I combined the custom polish with Cupcake Polish Look at You Go-Go.

13 May 2018

Cactus Nail Art

Have you noticed that cacti seem to be a trend lately? Perhaps it's just a new one in the Midwest, but I've seen cactus nail art ideas popping up on Pinterest lately too.
There are so many cute designs that I decided to do my own.

For my design, I used Illamasqua Load as a base coat. The cactus are done using Zoya Wyatt, and I added an accent of Zoya Chita.

10 May 2018

ManGlaze Santorum

For today, I have a swatch of ManGlaze Santorum.
Have you heard about ManGlaze? They've been around for a while but have kept their core small line the same for years. Still, they have some of the best matte polishes around! I have about half of their polishes in my collection. All of ManGlaze polishes are matte, and they have some dirty names too. Go ahead and Google Santorum, but be careful! Lol. Also of the polish bottle also have really cool art on the labels too.

Santorum applied really nicely in 2 coats. I did a top coat sandwich as I do when applying all my matte polishes to increase the wear time. A top coat sandwich is when you layer a coat of the matte polish, followed by top coat, followed by the matte polish.

07 May 2018

Disney Up! Inspired Nail Art

I was browsing Disney manicure ideas on Pinterest (my favorite place to find new nail art ideas!) and found some super cute ones inspired by the Disney movie Up. I love that movie, and the nail art looked cute and easy to do.
For today's manicure, I also have a photo tutorial so be sure to scroll down to check it out.

1. Start off with clean nails and apply your base coat. I use Glisten & Glow Base Coat.

2. Next apply your sky color. I'm using 2 coats of Barry M Blueberry.

3. Add clouds using a white polish and your dotting tool.

4. Create overlapping dots of all different colors for your balloons. I used acrylic paint for my balloons, but feel free to use nail polish.

5. Draw white lines coming from your balloons. They don't have to be perfect.
6. Let dry for a bit, and add a thick layer of top coat.

06 May 2018

ILNP Citrus Punch Flower Mani

Today's mani features ILNP Citrus Punch. Citrus Punch is an absolutely stunning coral holographic polish. It has a gold shimmer in it that makes it super pretty. As you move your nails, it catches the light and the color almost changes between more pink and more orange. This is a great summer color! 

I was inspired by a mani I found on Pinterest, but unfortunately there was no watermark on the image. It didn't let anywhere to credit the creator, and reverse image search didn't lead me anywhere either.

03 May 2018

Glam Polish Go Ahead...Make My Millennium

Hello! Sorry that my posting has been sort of spade. Kiddo got his tonsils out last Tuesday, and it was sort of rough. He was waking often in pain so I was pretty sleep deprived.
But he’s mostly better now, so back to regular posting!

This swatch is Glam Polish Go Ahead...Make My Millennium. I picked it up at Polish Con Chicago last September. I’ve actually worn it a few times since then, but I always forget to snap a photo before it chips or don’t get a photo that does it justice.

But I finally got a great shot of it! It’s a gorgeous, complex polish, and I’m so glad I own it. Unfortunately, this one is available in destashes only now.