07 May 2018

Disney Up! Inspired Nail Art

I was browsing Disney manicure ideas on Pinterest (my favorite place to find new nail art ideas!) and found some super cute ones inspired by the Disney movie Up. I love that movie, and the nail art looked cute and easy to do.
For today's manicure, I also have a photo tutorial so be sure to scroll down to check it out.

1. Start off with clean nails and apply your base coat. I use Glisten & Glow Base Coat.

2. Next apply your sky color. I'm using 2 coats of Barry M Blueberry.

3. Add clouds using a white polish and your dotting tool.

4. Create overlapping dots of all different colors for your balloons. I used acrylic paint for my balloons, but feel free to use nail polish.

5. Draw white lines coming from your balloons. They don't have to be perfect.
6. Let dry for a bit, and add a thick layer of top coat.

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