21 May 2018

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Nail Art | 500 posts!

This is my 500th post!!!! I should have done something special to commemorate it, but totally didn't think about anything until I saw in my Blogger dashboard that this would be post 500. Oh well, lol

A bit of info about me as a nail polish addict/collector: I've been into polish all my life. But I didn't really get into the community until late summer/early fall 2011. It's been almost 7 year since I fell down the rabbit hole! Throughout all of that, I've sought to keep my collection on the smaller side. I lend toward minimalist, and my family of 3 (and a cat!) live in a 850 square foot apartment. It's plenty of space of us, but only if we don't fill it up :) So right now my collection is at 292 polishes and usually hovers right under 300 at all times.

Part of why I enjoy keeping my collection small is that I can give love to all my polishes!

Today I am giving love to a polish which I first bought in 2013: LynBDesigns Time and Relative Dimension in Space. What's awesome about this polish is that it's still being made!

Even though this is a Doctor Who themed polish, I've never actually used it for Doctor Who nail art!
I changed that today by adding some simple Bad Wolf graffiti over top.

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