30 May 2018

Glisten & Glow: The Dark & Delishious Collection Swatches

The Glisten & Glow Dark & Delishious collection released on May 11th. It's still available so I suggest you head to the website and buy some! The collection is a collaboration with Delishious Nails. It features 6 polishes with a black base and all sorts of goodies added. My mom and I picked up 4 of the 6, and I've got swatches of those to share with you today :)

These all applied in just 1-2 coats for me! They were slightly dull after applying so I would recommend a glossy top coat like I used here. I did see some awesome swatches with a matte top coat so that would be an option too :)

First up is Black. Color of My Soul.
It has that black base and is loaded with olive shimmer and silver micro glitters. This one is probably my favorite of all of them. 

Next up is Leather and Lucille. It has the same black base, but this time with emerald shimmer and those silver microglitters.
This is one of my mom's picks because she loves The Walking Dead, even if she hates sexy Negan lol. Right, mom?

This one is Sarcasm. My Second Language. It's a black base with those silver micro glitters and a violet base.

The final polish is Sparkles & Skulls. This polish has fuchsia shimmer combined with the black base and silver microglitters.

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