05 June 2018

Zoya Chyna

Zoya Chyna was first released in 2013. I believe that's about when I bought this polish as well. Fortunately for everyone, it's still available for purchase!

Chyna is part of their PixieDust line which means it will dry to a textured and glittery finish. You can add some thick top coat to smooth it out a bit, but I like the texture. I find after a day or two, the texture is less rough as well.

The PixieDusts are my fav for fast manis too since they do not need base or top coat and dry pretty fast too. They tend to last longer on me as well.

This macro shows off some of the texture.

Red is not usually my color. But this red and the finish make it a red that I like. Chyna applied in two coats, and I didn't need clean up (except for that small spot on my index fingers, whoops!)

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