23 December 2018

Winter/Christmas Nails 2018: Gingerbread Skittles

Happy holidays! This is likely my last holiday themed mani that I have for this year.
Products used:
China Glaze Kalahari Kiss
China Glaze Mingle With The Kringle
Zoya Emilia
Zoya Sookie

17 December 2018

Winter/Christmas Nails 2018: Red and Green Bows

For today's manicure, I went with a simple color block style with a bow accent.

When I starting doing this manicure, I looked a bit like a mess. I should have had faith because it turned out really well and was super easy to do.
For my process, I started with a base coat. Then I painted half of my nail red using OPI I Love You Just Be-Cusco. For this next part, I highly recommend a very opaque polish, especially if you do it how I did. I took Zoya Wyatt and freehanded the block on top. Since Wyatt is so opaque, I only needed the one coat and it covered up my sloppy red block easily.

I finished this mani with these tiny bow gemstones.

16 December 2018

Winter/Christmas Nails 2018: Santa Cats

Today's manicure is featuring this super adorable stamp from MoYou London. There's tons of cute images on there, but I decided to use this and keep the mani simple in order to keep it in the spotlight.

For the stamping, I used a base of Sally Hansen White On and stamped using Girly Bits Fire Engine Red. I painted my other nails Zoya Merida.

12 December 2018

Winter/Christmas Nails 2018: Simple Christmas Tree Nails

Today's mani is super simple. I started with a green holographic polish. It's from an indie who is no longer around, but any green holographic (or polish for that matter) would do!
After applying top coat letting my polish fully dry, I used a ribbon style stencil and Zoya Chyna for the tree. I left the texture of Chyna there for something different.

11 December 2018

Winter/Christmas Nails 2018: Ornaments

For today's seasonal nails, I have some pretty Christmas ornaments. 

I used Ever After Mulled Wine plus Barry M Silver, Funky Fingers Dark Knight, and a no-name stamping plate.

10 December 2018

Winter/Christmas Nails 2018: Blue & White

For today's nails, I went with a sparkly blue and white snowflake manicure. We've only gotten snow once this season in my part of Wisconsin, and it didn't last long. At least I have some on my nails for a bit :)

Products used:
Too Fancy Lacquer Velvet Nights
China Glaze Glistening Snow

05 December 2018

Winter/Christmas Nails 2018: Candy Cane

For today's holiday nails, I went candy cane inspired.
Products used:
*KBShimmer Fireball (glitter)
*KBShimer Chilly Pepper
*Spiral nail vinyls
*a black and white polish

03 December 2018

Winter/Christmas Nails 2018: Snowman Nails

Sorry I was absent for a lot of November. I was very busy with my small business, and my husband had surgery. Life seems to have calmed down now so I'm back with a bunch of manis for December.

For today, I have these cute snowman nails. I've seen these around Pinterest, and I decided to do them myself.

Products used:
OPI Alpaca My Bags
Funky Fingers Scattered Sea She


20 November 2018

KB Shimmer Rock This Way

I picked up KB Shimmer from the Polish Pickup table at Polish Con Minneapolis. It's absolutely stunning.

08 November 2018

Fall Plaid Nail Art with OPI Peru Collection

When I saw swatches of the OPI Peru Collection Fall 2018, I was a bit disappointed in the colors. I studied aboard in Peru 8 years ago, and it was such an amazing experience. The Peru I knew has tons of earth tones of the mountains and valleys but also bright colors of the clothing. I wish we could have some more of those bright colors.

However, I still decided to get 4 of them because sometimes I'm a sucker for names. I used two of the colors to create a fall style plaid manicure inspired by Nails by DanielleT.

For this mani, I used OPI Como se llama? (the Spanish teacher in me cringes soooo hard at this terrible grammer) and Machu Peach-u. 

05 November 2018

Great Lakes Lacquer No Salt No Worries

I picked up this stunning polish from Great Lakes Lacquer called No Salt No Worries at Polish Con. It was actually the first one I put on when I came home (I'm a bit behind on posting, oops!). It's green and glowy and shiny 💚💚💚

Fall Glitter Gradient

Hello! Today I went for a sort of fall looking mani using some older polishes from my stash.
I used China Glaze Cowgirl Up and I Herd That.

29 October 2018

Halloween Nails 2018: Old School Witches

For today's Halloween manicure, I went old school and dug into my stash (which is actually pretty small for someone who's been active in the nail polish community for 7+ years).

I used China Glaze Something's Brewing which is part of their Halloween 2015 collection along with China Glaze Light As Air which is part of the core collection but my bottle dates from 2012.

I love the juxtaposition of the soft feminine purple with the bold glitters. So cool!

I freehanded a witch's hat detail on my middle finger using colors that matched the glitter to bring the whole look together.

26 October 2018

Halloween Nails 2018: Cute Ghosts

Today’s Halloween manicure uses the super cute stamps from MoYou London 53 again. I can’t help myself!

I used the advanced stamping technique for the ghosts.

My base coat is the gorgeous You’ll Move Mountains from Tonic Polish