12 March 2018

Green March Mani: Day 5

For today's mani, I was inspired by @kimiko7878 on Instagram. She's pretty amazing, and you should definitely follow her if you don't already!

I am nowhere as talented as she is, but I did try my best with this mani. For some reason, my long 5 petaled flowers always turn out a bit goofy.

For this mani, I used two different green polishes: Zoya Cece and Nfu-Oh 66.
I used Zoya Cece on my index and pinkie nails as well as for the floral accents on my ring nail. I used Nfu-Oh 66 on my thumb and ring nails. It's super holographic, but it's one of those old school holos so it can pull the color when you're applying it. Still gorgeous!

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