05 March 2018

Green Mani March: Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of my green mani theme for March.

I love doing skittles style manis. I tend to stick to simpler skittles designs which means they are usually pretty fast to do. They also use quite a few polishes which is great because I don't like having untrieds (it spikes my anxiety!) plus I can feature a couple at a time which is especially great for larger collections!

Today's mani features 3 green polishes (and 1 non-green polish).

For this mani, I used Barry M Black Pistachio, China Glaze Re-fresh Mint, and Dollish Polish 1-Up.

Barry M Black Pistachio is a very dark green polish. It looks almost black, especially in my photos since I took them on a cloudy day.

China Glaze Re-fresh Mint is a super light, dusty mint green. I was expecting 3 coats, but it went on in just 2!

Dollish Polish 1-Up is, I believe, discontinued. It's most green hex glitters with some white matte hex glitters and white matte bar glitter. Any other glitter polish would work with this look as well. This mani is a great way to feature any glitter polish you have.

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