22 April 2013

Barry M Pomegranate and Jamberry

I recently did a swap with a friend from the UK and received two lovely polishes. The one I'm going to show you today is Barry M Pomegranate from the Gelly Collection.

Pomegranate is lovely! It's thick so I was able to do just one coat (just one!) for this mani! Even though it's thick, the formula is wonderful and it's so easy to apply. I'm no sure why the collection is called Gelly because Pomegranate is definitely a cream.

So silly me decided to look up why it's called Gelly. The Gelly collection is formulated to give the appearance of wearing gel polish with its high shine formula. And they hit the nail on the head. These pictures show it with top coat, but it's just as shiny without. The dry nice was nice on this too though I still used a fast dry top coat (some polishes take forever to dry even with a fast dry top coat).

On my ring finger as an accent is a Jamberry Nail Shield. This one is called Turquoise and White Horizontal Stripe (not very original, I know). I received the shield as part of a free sample from my friend Kelly who is a Jamberry Nails Consultant. Jamberry recently reformulated their shields, and I wanted to try them out!

The directions say to use a hair dryer, but I just peeled off the shield using tweezers and held it in front of the space heater that's on our bathroom counter. So easy. It took me less than a minute to apply this. I like these shields better than Sally Hansen ones because it's easy to remove the wrinkles. Just keep sticking your hand in front of your heat source and smoothing out as needed. Jamberry says this process will also help to create a tight shield and increase wear time.

If you have any questions or want to request your free sample, contact Kelly on her Jamberry Facebook page.

I plan on getting more of these to use for vacations or on my toes (I hear they can last as long as a month on toes!).

Have you used nail shields in the past? What are your favorite brands?

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