10 December 2013

Nail Polish Canada 2013 Holiday Nail Art Challenge Week 2: Decorations

This week's theme is decorations. I LOVE Christmas lights. I love them on trees and houses. They have to be one of my favorite things about Christmas too.

Soooo, I put lights on my nails!
I did a free hand French manicure and then added the lights.
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Base: Zoya Loretta to smooth out nails and add hint of peachy nude color
Tips: Rimmel French White Nail Tip
Bulbs: black acrylic paint, Zoya Breezi (blue), Zoya Sooki (red), Zoya Pippa (yellow), OPI Don't Mess With OPI (green)


  1. I love christmas lights so much I keep them up in my house year round! I stock up on the replacement bulbs when theyre on sale. Why enjoy them only during December>?

    1. Maybe I should get some plain white lights the day after Christmas! They would be awesome in the living room!