29 April 2012

Formal Nails

Last weekend, my husband I went up to our alma mater. While in college, we were in the same co-ed fraternity, which had its formal dance last Saturday.  I brought up a bunch of my nail stuff and did the nails of some of the girls there. Unfortunately, I didn't really end up having time to do my own nails so I just slapped on Zoya Sookie which I then forgot to take a picture of before it got all chipped and stuff. Sigh. Anyway, onto these lovelies!

Rachel's nails. She wasn't sure which of 2 dresses she was going to wear so we went with a simple black and silver design.

Suzanne has a super pretty gold dress with a black lace overlay. For her nails, I painted them black, added a simple swoosh using gold polish and gold glitter then added a gold rhinestone where the swoosh started.

Katie choose to wear glue on nails since she has shorties but still wanted to jazz them up. On the smile line, I used purple striping tape was somewhat of a pain to curve. Then we added on light green, dark green, and purple rhinestones to match her dress.

Side note: you can see a bunch of nail wheels in the background. On three of them, I did mock ups of designs I could do so people could pick from them.  I also swatched the colors I brought on 2 nail wheels, making it easier to see the colors I had brought with me.

Naomi actually borrowed Suzanne's dress from last year which is made from this beautiful, duochrome, color shifting fabric that went from red-ish orange to orange to gold.  For her design, I painted the nails using a shimmery darker red then added on diagonals using gold glitter and finally gold polish dots to frame the glitter.

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