23 April 2012

Update and Lack of Posting

I've decided to put off my Food Nail Art Series for now. It kinda sucked the fun out of doing nail art, plus a lot of the ideas I have left are summery and Wisconsin seems far from summer right now.

I want to apologize for the lack of updating. I've been making sure that I do update, but my posts are becoming less frequent.  I'm super tired all of the time lately, making it hard to do things like my job plus taking care of my house.  At night (which is when I polish my nails / update my blog), I've also been fighting pretty bad nausea. Well, there is a good reason for all of this!
My husband and I are expecting a baby due November 20th!

Here's a picture of the little one's first ultra sound.  Since I'm still in my first trimester (my husband and I have no qualms about telling people early, everyone already knows), I'm feeling the symptoms and changes to my body pretty harshly. I'll be out of my first trimester in about 2-2 1/2 weeks so hopefully I'll get my energy back and get rid of the "morning" sickness.