17 December 2012

Naughty Christmas!

Every year a friend of ours hosts a naughty Christmas party. Before your imagination runs wild, it does NOT involve us doing sexual things. It's just a joke. It's a way to relax during the holidays and have fun. If you want to participate, you can bring a gift and we do a grab bag. For my gift this year, I had my friend from Sassy Lacquer create a custom polish called.... are you ready for it? Here Cums Santa. She was so good natured about it too! I had her make me one too, and I have pictures for you today.

The base is white for well.... you know! Then the red is for Santa's coat, the black for his belt, and silver for his belt buckle.


  1. It doesn't involve naughty things? My mind definitely went the wrong way.

    I like how this turned out!

    1. We do have a blow up doll, but only to take goofy pictures with! Our dog sitter totally thought it involved naughty things too!