30 December 2012

Top Manis of 2012

Today I have the top manis that I did in 2012. For this I went beyond simple swatching or layering of polishes and went into the nail art category.  I managed to narrow today down to my 10 favorites so enjoy!

Water Marble: This was the very first water marble that I ever did. I did it as part of the 31 Day Challenge. I was so proud of myself for attempting a nail art technique that challenged me, but also for doing a pretty good job on it too!

Cookies and Milk: This has to be the cutest mani I did all year.

Popcorn: I did mani for a Monday Mani over at PAA. It was the first in a serious of food manis that I did. I really like this one because I freehanded stripes and added dimension to the popcorn that really made it *pop*! 

Watermelons: This was a bit outside my comfort zone as I really don't like pink. I'm so glad I did it though because it was the perfect summer mani! And the green glitter? Awesome.

Purple Roses: This is another mani I did as part of the 31 Day Challenge. I kept seeing so many different rose mani designs all over Pinterest that I finally decided to bite the bullet and try one. It turned out great! I really need to do this one again with some other colors.

Tribal print: Once again a mani from the 31 Day Challenge. I freehanded this whole design using inspiration from several different sources, and I love how it turned out.

Galaxies: And yet another 31 Day Challenge mani! This time I got to try galaxies, and they turned out great.

Green flower vines: This year I did a few different flower manis, and this was one of my favorites.

Monday Mani Flowers: I did this flower design as part of the Monday Mani challenge through PAA. I love the retro vibe that I ended up with.

Leopard and zebra print: I did these nails early in the year for a trip to the zoo. The non-traditional colors really made this mani stand out for me. I meant to do this design in other colors but never did. I will get on that this year!

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