23 January 2013

31 Day Challenge, Part 2!: Day 17, Glitter!

For today's theme, I decided to use a polish made by my good friend Carrie at Sassy Lacquer. Stack 'Em is described as follows: "Stack 'em is part of 'The 80's "Fun" Series' collection, and was inspired by Lego's. This polish has a jellyish green base with small green matte hex glitter, small red hex glitter, small yellow matte hex glitter, and medium blue hex glitter."

Stack 'Em isn't currently listed on the Sassy Lacquer site, but I'm sure Carrie would make it for you it if you asked.!

Now the sad part. The green base in Stack 'Em simply did not show up for me :( So what I did was to layer it over Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy. But I didn't do just any layering. I did a sandwich! I put on Feelin' Froggy, then Stack 'Em, then Feelin' Froggy, then Stack 'Em, and finally my top coat.

The combo looks really good! The sandwiching of Stack 'Em is really subtle, but I still like the effect.

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