23 February 2014

Neon Skittles

We've had some crazy weather here lately (snow, rain, warm weather, cold weather, sunny, cloudy) so I was craving something bright. I recently got Glam Polish Freak Show in a swap plus some neon green star studs from Born Pretty Store to review (disclosure policy) so I decided to combine things for a bright skittle!

On my middle, ring, and thumb fingers, I applied three coats of Glam Polish Freak Show. Make sure you add some good top coat to smooth this down. I added Sinful Colors Why Not and the star studs to my ring and pinkie fingers. The star studs are nice are small so I can add a few to even my small nails. They lay flat too. I'm really happy with them.

On my index finger, I did a base of Wet n Wild French White Creme. Then I did a water marble on top using Sinful Colors Why Not and China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard. This is one of my better water marbles, but you can still see some base coat peeking through.

Why Not stains a bit so you can see some of that on my index and pinkie fingers.

I adore how this came out (even though hubby wasn't impressed :P). I may end up applying gel top coat to try to prolong this mani.

AAAAAANNNNNDDDDDD! Here's a 10% off code for Born Pretty Store for my followers. Enjoy!

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