11 March 2014

Northern Star Polish Cuticle Oil review

This post is a bit different than my normal posts.

I did a secret Valentine's Day swap with Polish-aholics Anonymous. My secret Valentine was the lovely owner of Northern Star Polish. With my package, she included a tube of her Mintastic cuticle oil.
OH MY, is it amazing!!!! It's a super light fruity spearmint scent. It comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator. I love the packaging, and it makes it super easy to use. I keep the cuticle oil by my spot in the living room and apply a few times a day. I've done this in the past with other cuticle oils/creams, but I never used them like I should. I think the scent and packaging inspires me to use them more often (CONFESSION TIME!!! I secretly smell my hands a few times after applying this oil. Sorry, I'm strange!). I have noticed a definite improvement in my cuticles as well as my nail growth and strength.

Anyway, I got a few extra dollars and decided to purchase more since I love them so. I had 4 that I wanted, but had to narrow it down to two. I ended up buying Cranberry and Sweet Orange. Cranberry is pretty amazing. It again has a light scent, but it's wonderfully sweet smelling. I was a bit disappointed in Sweet Orange though. It's VERY light, and the smell is almost indiscernible. I love citrus smells so I was really looking forward to this one.

Kristen is ever generous though, and threw in a bottle of one of her new scents: Lettuce! How intriguing! Lettuce is a herby, earthy scent that offers an alternative to those who don't like fruity or floral scents.

All the cuticle oils are vegan and crueltry free which is a bonus in my book. Northern Star Polish is based in Cottage Grove, MN so she's a fellow Midwesterner!

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