15 June 2014

June Nail Art Challenge, Day 15: Father's Day

Today's challenge was sorta tough for me. I searched Father's Day Nails on google for ideas, but I got a lot of manis featuring ties (something neither my husband or dad wear!) or sports (which neither are super into).

In the end, I decided to use my Cheeky CH49 stamping plate which works because my husband loves pirates! He's dressed as one for Halloween a few times plus on Talk Like A Pirate Day he makes a special themed dinner for his clients at work (he work at a group home) and talks like a pirate.

The base color is Butter London All Hail the Queen. The stamping color is some sparkling brown Sally Hansen that I got on clearance for 10¢ at Kmart who's name I'm too lazy to look for now ;)

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