06 June 2014

June Nail Art Challenge, Day 6: Fav Movie

This was a tough one for me, not because of the design, but because of the decisions!
I have a bunch of movies that I love, but it's hard to pick a favorite. So I went with one I that I've been dying to rewatch lately: BBC's North and South. It's based upon a book by Elizabeth Gaskell, which I actually haven't read yet.

Yellow roses play a good part in the movie seen here being held by Richard Armitage who's lately been in The Hobbit trilogy.

For my roses, I went a bit different than how I normally do them.

I was inspired by wondrouslypolished.com. 

I used Nicole by OPI Khloe Had A Lam-Lam for the base (which is reading really dark here, but is actually a brighter dark teal) and acrylic paint. It didnt come out quite how I wanted, but I still love it.

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