30 April 2018

Black, White, and Red Outline Mani with Tutorial!

The inspiration for today's manicure comes from MaagsDinwiddie. She did hers for Valentine's Day, and it certainly would be beautiful for that! I should try to remember that for next year.
For my manicure, I switched the color combos as I wanted to use a red stamping I have that I haven't used often.

I used to do video tutorials and post them on YouTube and Instagram. I enjoyed doing them, but my setup wasn't the greatest plus they take a ton of time! It takes longer to do your mani plus the video editing. However, picture tutorials don't take as much time so I've decided to do them. I'm not sure that I will do them for every mani, but I'm excited to expand my content!
Anyway, here are the steps for this mani.

1. Apply base coat to clean nails. I use Glisten & Glow base coat for all my nails.

2. Apply white polish. I'm using Funky Fingers Gesso.

3. Apply a latex barrier around your nails. I just purchase a big tub on Amazon and pour it into a clean, empty nail polish bottle. I don't always use liquid latex for stamping, but it's definitely needed when stamping with a red polish!

4. Stamp on your image. I'm using Girly Bits Fire Engine Red and a plate I bought from eBay.

5. Remove the liquid latex, and cleanup any extra polish.

6. Add the black outline. I used black acrylic paint for easier control.

To finish: I left this mani dry for quite a while. Red and black polishes tend to smear for me when applying top coat. I used Seche Vite and gently floated it on so as to not smear my stamping (which I actually kind of did on my pinkie).

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