16 April 2018

Radial Gradient: First Attempt!

I've been sticking to mostly easy nail art lately, but I am trying to more advanced stuff! I used to do more complicated nail art.
For today's mani, I did my first attempt at a radial gradient mani. For a radial gradient, the color blends from the outside in instead of in stripes. I have small nails so doing 3 colors was a bit difficult as I had a hard time getting all 3 to show. Next time, I'll try with 2.

For the gradient, I used Zoya Malia (purple), China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind (blue), and Fresh Paint Honeydew (mint green). On top, I stamped using a black polish and stamping plate Qgirl-035.

On my right hand, I decided to skip the stamping and add China Glaze Fairy Dust on top. I think I prefer the mani with fairy dust, but which do you like better?

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