28 October 2011


I've always loved painting my nails since I can remember. Recently though, my interest has grown along with my nail polish collection! Lol. I've been reading so many of the wonderful blogs out there and have been inspired to start my own.  I do have to be honest though: I've never been very good at keeping up with blogs so this project may be doomed from the start.

Most of the stuff pictured here will probably be nail designs and nail art. I've been toying with the idea of swatching polish as well, but I'm not sure yet if that is a road I want to take.


  1. Hello! I found you from the Nailasaurus's post about how to start a nail blog (I just started one too - hard work, isn't it?). I love that you're in Wisconsin. I'm all the way over in the UK, but I went to Wisconsin a few years back and absolutely loved it, even though people there couldn't really understand why I was there...

  2. I grew up in Chicago area and hated the large city. I've traveled quite a bit (Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, Peru), but Wisconsin will always be home to me.

  3. I loved how friendly it was, and how beautiful the countryside was. I'm not a city girl! We were on a road trip from Chicago to the Black Hills, and went via Mukwanago/Eagle/Prairie du Chien and Pepin.