06 May 2012

Orly Fowl Play

I got this polish a bit ago but haven't really had a chance to show it until now.  I did 2 coats of the polish all on its own without underwear ;-) Fowl Play is a pretty flakie/glitter mish mash polish set in a dark purple base.
I did have a long drying time with this polish, even though I waited between coats, used my regular fast drying Sally Hansen top coat, and waited for quite a while after. If you look close, you can just make out a smooshing on the tip of my ring finger.

You also may notice me little shorties. I was getting out of the car the other day and noticed that the nail on my ring finger had snapped off kinda far down. I shortened the other nails but didn't make them even with my ring finger because that would be way too short.

Finally, onto the pictures!