15 May 2012

Revlon Blue Mosaic Gradient

Oh, wow! It's been 4 days since I posted. I totally didn't mean to go that long. What's worse is that I actually have done my nails a few times and have even taken pictures. I just haven't written up the posts. Well, here we are!

Today, I decided to incorporate a few more polishes that I haven't used yet on my blog.  First, I used a base of Disney Villains #11. It's a super light silver that took 3 coats to build up.  Then I put on Revlon Blue Mosaic on top using a gradient effect.

I totally love how bling-blingy this turned out. My freshman were super impressed!


  1. Pretty, but did you mean Revlon Blue Mosaic?

    1. OMG, I totally did! I going to fix that right now. Thanks so much!