12 June 2012

Enchanted Polish Across the Universe

I snagged this lovely polish during Llarowe's birthday sale. I really thought Across the Universe was beautiful, but it's hard to catch on Etsy ($12 there) and it's more expensive on Llarowe's site ($15). However, with the code for 40% off one item for Leah Ann's birthday, I managed to get this for less than $10, shipping included!!!

Across the Universe is multi-chrome polish that with holographic glitter mixed in. Gorgeous! The dry time on this was really long though. I put on one thin coat, waited 1/2 hour, and checked on it. Still very smearable! I decided to forge ahead so I applied the 2nd coat, waited another 1/2 hour, and used my go-to top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri). Well, the polish was still easily prone to dents 3 hours later. If I pushed hard with my nail, it was still leave a mark 7 hours later. The wear time was super good though. I'm really hard on my hands/nails, and my polish will usually chip on day 2/3. I put Across the Universe on last Monday and didn't have any chips until Friday when I only got minor ones on my index and middle fingers (the ones that get the most use). So dry time sucks, but the wear and color are amazing so I'm keeping it!

Sorry for the long review, onto the pictures!

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