01 June 2012

Zoya Phoebe

We've been having some seriously goofy weather here in Wisconsin. This last weekend, it got up to 99F here! That's damn hot for us. Then yesterday it was 54F as a high, that's a 40 degree difference in a matter of days. But that's pretty normal. The weather has also been super gloomy and cloudy lately. Because of that, I decided to pull a bright color from my untried pile to use.

Zoya Phoebe is a neon blue with micro shimmer. It dries matte. I love the formula on Zoya, but they can be a bit thin. Phoebe was thin (but not watery!) and took a few coats to apply. I ended up used a base coat, 3 coats of Phoebe, 1 coat of top coat, and 1 more coat of Phoebe. 3 coats were needed for opacity, but I always do topcoat sandwiches with my matte polishes to make them last longer.

My photos are pretty photo accurate, but the sun was setting as I took these so Phoebe should be just a tad more neon/bright than in these photos.  Onto the pictures!


  1. I love Phoebe but I had a hard time with her balding on the second and third layer - you got it so nice and even. I wonder how a matte top coat would look over it....

  2. I love Phoebe but she is a bitch to take off - she stained my nails for weeks! I swear I still see hints of blue on my naked nails (and that was with 2 basecoats)!

    1. It stained by nails a bit too! I have 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy on there. It's only been off for 3 days so we'll see how long it stays stained.