20 June 2012

LA Colors Radiation

I have a lesson for you all today: don't judge a polish based upon what it looks like in the bottle.

Take for example this bottle of LA Colors Radiation that I found. It looks gorgeous in the bottle.

And then I put it on. I end up using 3 coats, and it looks boring like this. What happened to the pretty color?

So I decide to layer it over black, and OMG is it amazing! The polish completely changes and now I REALLY like it. The best part of all of this: I got it for $1 at a dollar store :)


  1. Ahh, the transformative powers of black! It sure turned this into a stunner.

  2. Looks great! Good to know too as this and another sheer green are in my little untrieds!

    1. I was about ready to throw mine out until I put it over black. I have 2 other sheers that I think I'll need to try over black (or another dark color) as well.