01 February 2013

31 Day Challenge, Part 2!: Day 24, Inspired by a Book

My thought process to complete today's mani was a bit different than normal. I decided I really wanted to use A-England Tess D'Ubervilles somehow in this mani because 1. it's beautiful!, 2. it's one of my few untrieds, and 3. it's named after a book heroine.

Here is Tess on it's own. A-England says Tess is "like the secretive black of a deep forest, sublimely displaying its provocative emerald secrets" and I think that describes it well! The emerald shimmer peeks out from the black base.

I can't leave well enough alone searched for a cover of Tess of the D'Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy for inspiration to add to this mani.

 This cover is the first edition illustrated copy from 1891-1892.  I took my inspiration from the the corners on the cover and the square/diamond pattern there.

I stamped using BM 203 and Barry M Foil Nail Effect Gold.

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