14 May 2014

Purple Plaid

I've been meaning to post this since Monday, but time has really gotten away from me.
I joined a group a few weeks ago where the focus is on becoming a minimalist. The general idea is to simplify your life so that you can better enjoy it. That can mean getting rid of belongings so you can find what you need more easily or so you don't spend so much time cleaning. It can mean cutting back on social media or television or whatever so you have more quality time with your family. It can mean cutting out those toxic people in your life so your thoughts aren't cluttered and wasted on them. It's about living life. I've been mostly focused on getting rid of  items in our home as well as decluttering those time wasters. A lot of this for me has been cutting back TV to those shows that I really like (which is still a lot to be honest).

Another project of mine/hobby is meal planning. I love cooking, but it's hard to when you've got a cranky toddler at your feet (bless those of you who do it with multiples!). It's a bit easier though as T had gotten older so I'm trying to find simple healthy recipes for me to cook.

So onto today's mani!!! Lol

It's simple and classy, yet fun. My colors are OPI Parlez-vous OPI? and L'Oreal Tea and Crumpets (which has a crappy stiff brush but I love the color). I used black and white acrylic paint as well.


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  2. I recently cut out some "toxic" people and my mood and stress levels are so much better. In turn, my RA flares are much better as well! Even just a little change in de-clutter can make a world of difference.

    Great manicure! The plaid design is so nicely done!

    1. Thank you! Isn't it amazing how small changes can make a big difference?
      I got rid of two trash bags of clothes. I still have plenty, but it's so much easier to decide what to wear since I can see everything and the choice isn't as overwhelming.