19 May 2014

Swirly Aurora

I love having all the polishes I have (215-ish) and the choice that comes with it sometimes. But other times it can be overwhelming. I'll take peek through my polishes, seeing if one catches my eye. Then I spot one, mull it over, put it back, browse some more. Repeat. Except with a little one, I can't waste precious free time deciding what polish to use!

Enter my new best friend: Random Number Generator. Seriously. I keep all my polishes listed in a spreadsheet. So I just entered my numbers, and BAM! today's polish.

Zoya Aurora is such a gorgeous polish. I needed two coats. It's got this lovely holographic glitter. When I was taking photos, I found the colors would lean a bit purple-ish in some spots too. Very cool.
The swirly bit is a water decal that I purchased from Born Pretty Store. It adds something, but still let's Aurora shine through.

Easy. Gorgeous. Minimalist.

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