17 May 2014

Sally Hansen Grey Area

Have you ever pulled out a polish and had it trigger a memory? Maybe it's one you received as a special gift. Maybe the name triggers a memory entirely unrelated to the polish.

Sally Hansen Grey Area triggered a memory for me. I had been wanting to use it (again) for a while. It just didn't seem the right fit for several nail art designs I've done lately though. So the other day, I said EFF IT! Pulled it out and got to polishing.

And then BAM! came the memory. This polish is what started it all. I've loved polish since I can remember, but this is the one that started the collection and the searching for nail art ideas and finding blogs like Nail Nerd and Chloe's Nails and then starting this blog and then just everything.

And you know what? I still love this polish.

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