01 July 2014

Mixed Finish Half Moon

Happy Tuesday everyone! Just a quick post today. This momma is pooped! My baby has turned into a spider monkey and is climbing all over the place. I'm worn out.
I will have another post for you on Wednesday and Thursday though with some 4th of July designs.

I'm not a huge fan of half moon manis, but I saw some mixed finish ones and really liked the concept.

I started with a base of OPI Push And Shove and let it dry. Next I use paper reinforcement stickers to mark off the moon and painted on ManGlaze Fatty's Have More Blood. It's a beautiful red shimmery matte polish, though the shimmer is hiding a bit here.


  1. They look great! I feel you on the baby climbing. My Squish is 22 months and there is no surface or piece of furniture that he won't climb. It's nerve wracking and exhausting. My DD is always on the lookout and is quick to yell out "Mami, emergency! Danger!" whenever she catches him climbing before I can reach him.

    1. T is about the same age. Almost 20 months (he's a November 2012 baby).
      That older sibling help must be nice sometimes!