30 January 2012

Monday Mani: Retro

At Polish-aholics Anonymous this week's Monday Mani theme is Retro. I haven't really done much nail art lately and that's why I got into polish in the first place, so I decided to have tons of fun with this one!

Pacman! I wanted to do Super Mario, but my husband said that wasn't retro. :P What does he know?

The base color is Sinful Color Black on Black. Everything else is done with acrylic paint or Migi nail art pens.

I made sure to paint white first, then color over it with the details so they would pop. I've heard some complain that the Migi nail art pens are watery--yes, they are when you first use them but just keep squeezing and the watery stuff will come out and they will work better.


  1. Super Mario is too retro! lol. Love the pac-man, though, great job!!

  2. I love Ms Pac Man too!! These are awesome!