20 January 2012

Paper Doodle Nails

At the school where I teach, it's final exams week so I did this design as an homage.

I actually did the design on both hands! Actually, I normally do nail art on both hands, but today the designs are different so you'll get to see both.

Left hand.
The white dots on the cloud are where I didn't properly fill in. Also see that cracking on the tips of my middle and ring fingers? And around the side of my thumb nail? Yeah, Seche Vite pull.

Seche Vite and I have broken up as a result. I'm tried of the pulling even though I encase the polish with it. I'm sticking with my good ole Sally Hansen (in the red bottle) that it's stinky and is big 3 free.

Right hand
Not too shabby! Some days, this hand turns out awesome, so days only so-so. I almost always try to put nail art on this hand just so I can practice.


  1. Wow! It's so creative, I've never seen nails like this before and I L.O.V.E It!!!


  2. Such a unique idea. I'm going to have to put this in my inspiration folder and try to do it later. Love!!

  3. I'm a teacher, so I naturally love this :)

  4. These are so awesome! I love it!