29 January 2012

Stamping Sunday: Plate ending in 7

Just a quick post since I'm battling a sinus infection.

I had a rough time with this challenge since none of my full images wanted to work for me. I actually blame my stamper, and I've got an eye on a Konad starting kit on Amazon.  I ended up using this image from Mash 17.

The base coat is Barry M Lavender Blue. I stamped using Wet n Wild Black Cream.  It looked kinda boring to me so I added some glitter with Pure Ice Strapless.

I apologize for the shape of my middle and index fingers. I've had some breakage just at the corners. I notice that those are usually week so I'm working on a much more rounded square shape (like my ring and pinkie fingers).

To end on a positive note, here's a gorgeous close up.


  1. This is really great!!! So pretty!

  2. i love this. where did you get the stamp?

  3. It's a Mash plate that I ordered from Amazon.com