30 March 2012


For day 5 of my Food Nail Art Series, I did some lollipops/suckers. This isn't as much of a fail as the pizza, but still it's kinda bad.  I do really love my index/pinkie fingers as you'll see in just a second.

The base in Sunful Color Dream On, and I layered it with that gorgeous super popular color Lynnderella Connect the Dots that I just got in the mail the other day. I love the layering and cannot wait to see what other beautiful combos I can come up with.

As for the sucker, I think where I went wrong was the stripes on it. I redid those nails each twice and decided I was done messing with it.

Sigh. I'm really hoping I break out of this funk with nail art that seem to be having and soon! Or I'm going to have to take a break from my food series for a bit.