24 March 2012

Sushi Nails

For Day 3 of my Food Nail Art Series, I went with sushi. I had another design that I did, but I just didn't like it. Maybe I'll try again another time.

There are several sushi nail designs out there, and I was inspired by a few but mostly this one by My Polished Nails. She doesn't have many followers on her blog, but she does have great stuff so I advise you all to go check here out.

For the base of these nails, I use China Glaze Riveting from the Capitol Colors Collection. It's a gorgeous super easy to apply color.  I used 2 coats just to be sure. I won't name the other polishes I used since I mixed colors to get the ones I wanted.

Here are closeups of each nail.


Index (sorry for the blurriness)