27 August 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 27, Inspired by Artwork.

Today's theme is Inspired By Artwork.

This was one of the harder themes to get my inspiration for.  Finally, I decided to comb through the pictures I took when I spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy about 6 years ago (Holy cow, was it that long ago? It was amazing, by the way).  These two photos stood out to me.

On the left is the Duomo (cathedral) in Sienna.  On the right is the Baptistery in Florence right outside of the Duomo there. I used to walk by the cathedral and baptistery in Florence every day.  I noticed when flipping through my pictures that both buildings have a striped design on them. The Sienna Duomo is made from white and black marbles while the Baptistery in Florence has white and dark green marble used in its pilasters.

Using these two examples of architectural artwork as my inspiration for today, I set out to do my mani.  I started with a base of 2 coats of Sally Hansen Whirlwind White. It didn't give me full coverage, but I wasn't looking for that. After I sponged on some Zoya Dove to make the white marble look dirty from the centuries of pollution.  Finally, I taped off some stripes and used Rimmel Black Satin for that.

I definitely need some practice using tape in my manis as my lines aren't super crisp. I took the tape off right after I painted the lines, and they still look like these.

Check out these other manis inspired by artwork below.

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