28 August 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 28, Inspired by a flag

Today's theme is Inspired By a Flag.

For today's theme, I thought about just doing an American flag on my nails especially since I've never done one before! However, yesterday's theme got me thinking about my international travels, and I realized I have been to 5 different countries so I'll put the flags from all 5 on my nails!

They are in chronological order too!
Pinky: Germany where I went to visit my husband (then fiancee) for 10 days during his study abroad semester. Colors used are Rimmel Black Statin, Zoya Sooki (red), and OPI The "It" Color (gold).

Ring: Italy where I lived for 3 1/2 months during a semester aboard (I lived in Florence). Colors used are OPI Don't Mess With OPI (green), Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, and Zoya Sooki.

Middle: Costa Rica where my husband I went for almost 2 weeks for our honeymoon. Colors used are Revlon Royal (blue), Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, and Zoya Sooki.

Index: Bahamas where we sailed to on a 2 day cruise from Florida. Colors used are Rimmel Black Satin, OPI The "It" Color, and OPI Fly.

Thumb: Peru where I spent 6 weeks studying Spanish. Colors used are Zoya Sooki and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White.


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