03 August 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 3, Yellow

The theme for today's challenge is Yellow.
I don't own many yellows (I think it's only 3 as a matter of fact), but I totally thought that Butter London Bumster still fit the bill. I managed to snag this polish when Butter London did a deal not too long ago where all polishes were 40% off. Since I'm a sucker for the dusky/fall colors, I had to get this one.
I added on this very dainty gold nail art stickers that I had. They were a bit hard to photograph since the gold color was a bit close to Bumster.

This last picture is the most color accurate photograph of Bumster. It's this really nice light mustardy yellow with some hints of tan thrown in. I LOVE these ugly colors. I'm too scared to wear them for my clothing, but on nails they are a small risk. Plus I think they look great with my skin tone.

Check out some other yellow manis.


  1. I likeee this color! It reminds me of KIKO 369 which I love to use, so beautiful :)

  2. I like the small details you have in your nails :) I confess i am not a huge fan of that color lol***