08 July 2013

Influenster: Mary Kay Box

Recently, I qualified to receive a Mary Kay Box from Influenster (disclosure policy). I'm not a big makeup person, but I still love to use it for special occasions. I've already heard about Mary Kay for forever so I was curious to check out their stuff.

Here's what came in the box. It was all beautifully packaged and came with this great post card describing everything in the box so I didn't have to guess!

I used the brush to put on the eye color and thought it did a great job!

This is the brush on the eyelash primer. I'm still not quite sure what primer does...any help from those who are better at makeup than me?

I loved the way the mascara brush looked. It's very different from most wands I've been before. This definitely proved to be a good thing! My eyelashes were noticeably longer, and there was no clumping! The mascara also dried pretty fast too. That's a big deal for me since I wear glasses and have definitely had mascaras smear on my lenses before when they took FOREVER to dry!

The eyeshadow was a cream kind which is totally new to me (did I mention I'm not a big makeup person? lol!)

The lipstick came in this super slick tube.

It looked sorta bright and totally not my color though. This may be kinda weird to notice, but the lipstick smelled really good! Like a sorta of fruity sweet flowerly smell. I really liked it, and it was nice to have a good scent to something that is so close to my nose when I wear it!

The pink didn't swatch quite as bright on my hand on in the tube and was not as pink on my lips either. I'm not a huge lippie fan, but this will definitely be a nice color to wear. The eyeshadow is going to get tons more use from me though. I love purple shadows because they bring out my dark dark dark (did I mention dark?) brown eyes very nicely. This purple is sort of muted and will great for many occasions too.


  1. I've worn Mary Kay periodically throughout the years... it's a pretty fun brand! The eyelash primer will fatten up your lashes for the actual mascara and supposedly help it to adhere better. I used a sample up a while back but I wasn't in love with it. That eyeshadow looks lovely!