22 July 2013

LynBDesigns TARDIS

Jenna from LynBDesigns makes some beautiful polishes and has some really awesome sales! During one of them, I picked up three of her polishes, and I'll be doing a mini series featuring them.

Today's polish is LynBDesigns Time And Relative Dimension in Space.  It's inspired by the TARDIS from Doctor Who. As I've mentioned before, I'm a pretty recent convert to Doctor Who (I've finished everything except the newest season with Matt Smith plus you know, 40 some years of the old show O.o).  Besides being a nerdy polish, it's also beautiful so I knew I had to have this!!!

Jenna describes this as, "a deep jelly like base that has blue, silver, navy, and dark silver glitters suspended in it."

Application was wonderful at two coats. The polish wasn't too thick or thin, and the glitters placed themselves nicely.  It didn't dry gritty either. These photos are all taken without top coat which is nice too!