29 July 2013

Strawberrific Oobleck

The last polish I bought from a sale at LynBDesigns is Oobleck. I bought a bunch of mini polishes Hit Polish since she was having an awesome sale on them (she might still have some on sale, so check her out! Plus her regular prices are great too!!!) and decided to combine one of them (Hit Polish Strawberrific) for a cute and easy mani!

LynBDesigns Oobleck is a minty seafoam green with tons of shimmer. It was pretty thick, but application was still good and dry time was decent.

Hit Polish Strawberrific is loaded with pink, green, and red glitters. On my middle finger, I used one thick coat while I did a thinner one on my pinkie. By doing this, you can change the look of your mani. I prefer the more glitter dense look myself.  Strawberrific went on very nicely and wasn't thick at all despite the tons of glitter in the bottle. I even had a mini bottle and didn't have to dig out any glitters! You can say that about all minis.

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