02 July 2014

4th of July Part 1: Leopard Print Skittles

Hello! I wasn't sure how I was gonna squeeze in any 4th of July manis since my birthday is coming up and I have family coming, but it's a holiday! I fricking love doing holiday manis! They are so fun and everyone really gets in the spirit.

I decided to go simple for both to make things easy on myself.
I started with a base of Wet n Wild French White Creme on all nails. On my index and middle, I added one thin coat of Glitter Gal Light As A Feather.

On my ring and thumb, I created a leopard print using Zoya Sooki (the perfect red) and Revlon Royal.


  1. Love! Light As a Feather has been on my want list almost since the beginning, lol. I adore your leopard print, too... Makes me want to give it a try, myself.

    1. Thanks! I got it a few years so after being on my first for forever!

  2. I love the patriotic leopard print!