04 February 2012

ELF Metal Madness and neon pink hearts

My husband and I are headed out tonight for an early Valentine's dinner so of course I had to do my nails!

I've been trying to use my untried polish first so I choose 2 colors I haven't used yet.

For the base coat, I used ELF Metal Madness.

This picture was taken at night using flash. It's a dark grey color with this beautiful, almost holographic glitter, spread throughout. The polish went on wonderfully. I had almost no cleanup to do.

For the hearts, I used Cosmo Wild Thing. It is a neon pink polish that was offered as a summer giveaway through Cosmopolitan magazine.  The color is more of a true neon pink in the bottle, but layered it over the grey lends this sort of reddish-orange quality to it.

Well, I've gotta run! Have to get ready for our date!