26 June 2013

Illamasqua Raindrops

OMG, I'm soooo excited to be showing you this polish today!!! Can't you tell?!?

Illamasqua Raindrops has been on my wishlist for forever so I was super excited when it was announced that they were bringing it back! I managed to purchase this bottle from a nail polish sales Facebook group. I just couldn't help myself!

Raindrops is a beautiful light grey creme polish base with the tiniest hint of blue that has added silver/white flakies.  I love grey polish to begin with, but the flakies really make it stand out.

It had that great Illamasqua formula and went on in only two coats. I did one thinner one to set the foundation and one thicker one to add the color. I've been doing this method lately for application, and it seems to work well!


  1. Super pretty - I've been longing for greys for awhile now and the flecks do really make this one special. <3