22 June 2013

Zoya Riley

I meant to post this yesterday, but we were out of town most of the day so things were kinda crazy!

I got Zoya Riley along with a couple of other Zoya polishes for my mom because she always uses Zoya Sooki when she visits. My mom gave Riley back to me because she said the formula was a bit weird.

I didn't find the formula weird at all! It went on wonderfully just like the other Zoya polishes that I own.  Riley is a gorgeous raspberry creme that went on it almost one coat. I used two for this mani though. I'm not a big red fan, but I really liked this one a lot.  Notice that I did have some staining around my nails though. Moisturizing before doing the mani might have helped with that.

This photo was taken using direct lamp light compared to the others which were take using indirect sun light.

I decided to play around a bit with this mani and added some gold glequins to my ring and pinkie fingers and 1 coat of Milani Jewel FX Gold to my middle and index fingers.

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