05 June 2013

Zoya Solange

Zoya Solange is another of the Summer 2013 Pixie Dusts that I bought. I kept wavering over this one, and I'm so glad I bought it!

You may have noticed the new water mark. I have the logo of the frog drawn up because it matches my email (rubytadpole) which is where I got the idea of Ruby's Nails for my blog (ruby being my birth stone). The artist even included little painted nails on the frog and a ruby brush stroke. It was more than I was expecting! The water mark is also the new header for my blog and Facebook page. I also redesigned my blog layout to better fit with the frog concept.  Check it out and tell me what you think!

Solange is a gold textured polish with gold dust that is exclusive to Zoya.  As with the other Pixie Dusts, this one applied beautifully. I used two coats, but maybe could have been just one.

This polish is gorgeous. I really like how it looks with my skin tone, and it's a perfect color for summer.


  1. Ooooh, I've been eyeing up Solange for ages, I wish it was easier to get hold of over here! It looks so pretty!

    I love your frog! So cute. And the layout is really pretty - I love green and white, it's so fresh.

    1. Thanks!!! It'll probably be easiest to swap for Solange or try eBay for it.

    2. I finally found some on Amazon, they were out of stock before. Yay! (pricey though!)